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Web Design

Competition is becoming stiff in the modern media landscape and just having a website that is optimized is not enough. It is important that you now consider several new factors when carrying out your website design. The factors that you should consider include, design that is modern and content, usability and ease of conversion and search ability and social media support. The old days are gone when web developers built a website, the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consultant optimized the website and the business owner reviewed the website. In order to make a new website that will work for your business, it is important that an approach that is marketing led is implemented which entails search, usability, technical, social and design terms. Your objectives should be set by your business to ensure that the website not only reflects your brand, but also meets the objectives of your business and the conversion goals.

The start-point

Your start point to your website design and building process should be to understand the market you are operating in, your clients and the competitive environment so that you ensure that your website matches what your prospective clients and users are interested in. I am sure you have come across a website that is beautifully designed but it does not do what you want, the information you want is not there, there is no structure, it is quite slow, it is quite hard to navigate and it does not appear in the results when you search. Conversely, websites which are optimized well can appear outdated, not engaging much, and lacks the content that the user is interested in. If you go overboard on getting optimization, you risk even having your website flagged as spam by the Google team and get kicked out of the results of the search engine.

Tip for you

It is crucial that you begin by making a definition of your goals as well as conversion points putting in consideration each page, parts and sections of the new website. Your calls to act should be clearly defined and strategically put in place for the sections of content that provide answers to your users’ desires. It then becomes time to do handing over to the design, SEO and the project team usability.

The 5 pillars for your web design

Website design in the modern world involves multi-function, multi-skill and multi-department set approaches. SEO as well as content is crucial part of the web design and building process. However it is additionally crucial that you ensure that you understand web design factors such as the impact of the design on SEO, how SEO and usability are linked, and the impact of readability on SEO and distinction between information, content as well as technical architecture.


You will be amazed the number of websites that have not caught up with current trends in web design. Success in figuring out how to balance design that appears modern yet simple in nature, engaging the user, informative and that can be maintained with ease for SEO performance should your foundation of success.


  • When you are designing your website, ensure that it reflects the desires of your users.
  • Make the website easy to navigate.
  • You should be creative and ensure that you build a website with a flat look and feel yet modern.
  • Ensure that the web design and the content will match and be complementary.
  • Ensure that you utilize web fonts like Font.com as well as Font deck to do addition of modern style catering typography in addition to craw ability.
  • Ensure that you utilize features such as images, text and copy alongside your content for creation of pages that are rich in content.


Inbound traffic serves as the key any marketer’s goals and SEO does represent a significant part that specific activity. It is therefore crucial that you blend the SEO strategy alongside website design with actual usability. Usability refers to what goes on when users hit your website.


  • Utilize your user experience and the studies from eye-tracking and do incorporation of findings into the interface.
  • Ensure that you have headlines that are short and clear headlines to capture your readers’ attention.


SEO is where alignment of technical and marketing departments should occur.


  • You should build URLs that are friendly the URL structure too should be friendly so that search engines are aware of what your page is all about.
  • You should ensure building of HTML as well as XML site maps.


Your content does the connection of each element of you web design and building process. It is core from both marketing as well as technical perspectives.


  • Make sure your content is short, clear and relevant.
  • You should organize you content in terms of topic, date, time, location and audience.


The organizational integration is key to succeeding when you build a website that is meant to work for your business.

It is important to realize that success in web design in the modern day requires both multi-skilled and multi-function approaches to ensure maximum gains for your business.


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