19 July 2012 Comments Off on Sales promotion and branding

Sales promotion and branding

Agreement between woman and manMarketing, sales promotion and branding has become part and parcel of every business enterprises and organization in the 21st century. People and companies needs to identify themselves and at the same time create awareness of their existence  and what the products they offer and  in doing this promotional products has been very fundamental  in conveying the messages.There are a number of Promotional Products that has been used by many companies in undertaking promotions and branding and this includes; t-shits, caps, pens, water bottles, mugs, corporate gifts, diaries and journals, umbrellas, trade show items among others. These items are customized with companies’ logo and other useful information thus being a great tactic in business and brand sensitization. The benefits of employing promotional products can be ignored, since the products have higher perceived value and the recipient’s feels as being part of the organization. Moreover, the products play a vital role in targeted marketing and overall promotional campaign.

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