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Google AdWords


The history of Google AdWords and Its Contribution to Google’s Success

As we all know, it takes years and years of hard work, innovation and iterations to come out with a product like Google AdWords. AdWords has have been developed over a long period of time.

A system to charge advertisements on a cost per month basis was one of the most popular models of selling ads. In this model instead of banner ads smaller text ads were used. This was all toward the beginning of 2000. The ads were created basis the search terms. This was also done with a view to keep the ads detached from the search results on Google.


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What Is The Rust Report?

ICTEven though several people across the world may not be well informed about […]

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How to do successful viral marketing

viral marketingViral marketing is generally an advertising technique that utilizes existing social networks in order to produce increased brand awareness which in turn leads to increased sales. With the introduction of the internet, this type of marketing has become more sophisticated and it continues to advance as years go by. […]

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Sales promotion and branding

Agreement between woman and manMarketing, sales promotion and branding has become part and parcel of every business enterprises and organization in the 21st century. People and companies needs to identify themselves and at the same time create awareness of their existence  and what the products they offer and  in doing this promotional products has been very fundamental  in conveying the messages.There are a number of Promotional Products that has been used by many companies in undertaking promotions and branding and this includes; t-shits, caps, pens, water bottles, mugs, corporate gifts, diaries and journals, umbrellas, trade show items among others. These items are customized with companies’ logo and other useful information thus being a great tactic in business and brand sensitization. The benefits of employing promotional products can be ignored, since the products have higher perceived value and the recipient’s feels as being part of the organization. Moreover, the products play a vital role in targeted marketing and overall promotional campaign.

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Email Marketing Research: What New Results Reveal

Email marketing plays an important role in modern commerce and sales. Since most people have access to an Internet connection, it’s possible to reach a large portion of the United Kingdom through social media and email marketing. While email marketing can be a great strategy, it’s essential to understand how shifting consumer perception can impact the viability of this business model. […]

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What is Search Engine Room

webSearch Engine Room is an Australian company focusing on events and conference organization. It is based in Sydney Australia and organizes business and other industry conferences across Australia. The company is the brainchild of Martin Kelly, an Australian native based in Sydney. Online News and Events is the online division of Search Engine Room and was established in 2012. Its main focus is to search for relevant news stories, with particular emphasis on e-commerce and the deals sector of the economy.

What is prominent on Search Engine Room is the news about companies and individuals involved in discount and deals marketing. Past and current deals are also extensively covered. Search Engine Room events are featured at length on the website. As part of the report on past conferences, pertinent […]

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Though promotional gifts have been used as a way of advertising, some people still don’t have the knowledge on how to use them effectively. You should be very cautious not to create the wrong impression about your company in the name of advertising. In order to come up with the right promotional gifts selection for your business, there are several factors you should have in mind;

Proper designing of your promotional gifts.

Before choosing an item, consider how well it will portray the company’s name or logo. The information displayed should be well professional, organized and readable to. Pick on clear fonts to enhance clear visibility. […]

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The Importance of Promotional Gifts

Keeping a brand name in front of prospects and existing customers is vital to growing a business. A business needs to find ways to make prospects and existing customers to easily remember its brand and can easily reach it. Advertising on magazine, newspaper or television is a good idea but it is quite expensive for a small business. Promotional gifts are the cost-effective marketing solution to promote brand and business. Many businesses worldwide often give away free gifts to referral sources, prospects, and existing customers in various events such as tradeshows, conferences, and products launchings. The gifts can be in the form of watch, desk clock, umbrellas, mugs, pens, etc. […]

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Loans and Overdrafts Weren’t On Your Christmas Lists

Consumers across the UK are continuing to pay down their debts, despite High Street stores offering huge discounts in order to tempt shoppers to part with their cash. At least, this is according to figures produced by the British Bankers’ Association (BBA).

November saw an increase in retail sales and credit card borrowing – although this is mainly as a result of the interest due on existing debts – however, there was very little demand being shown toward loans and overdrafts, established the BBA.

This is also the same for mortgage approvals, which also saw a fall in the figures provided by the BBA.

The number of approvals for house purchases fell to 34,738 in November from 35,196 the month before. However, the figure was higher than the figure of 29,875 seen at the same point last year. […]

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Marketing agencies: messengers for your business

Any business that doesn’t have an advertising program might as well lock the door and go home. Competition in the marketplace is increasing for all trades and fields and now that the internet has opened up the globe to customers and eager sellers, effective advertising is an essential part of daily business. Today’s business owner needs to be working with a professional […]