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Online advertising

Today Yahoo and Google (with its online advertising system, AdSense and AdWords), and have a robust system in terms of Internet advertising, which the website is placed in the portal web browsers, in suitable sites to track the product to promote, and for each click the user specifies the cost of advertising income. And as a second system have text ads, which consist of a small box with a title company or product, a short text description and web address with link to the page, which can occur in both sidebars, and in the top and bottom of the web.

The web is increased by the user traffic entering and click on the links of the same, thus advertising. (See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Online_advertising for more information on online advertising.)
Promoting a website is done with the increase of users who visit it, and that each click generates a new user in the search engines sequentially and at some point in the world. So the fact relies on Internet advertising in the clicks made by the user and information of image and text that you receive.
There are trading networks of vertical sites that provide broad diversification and reach to advertisers. Do not think that Internet advertising can only be in some places, but every site is potentially commercial .. Live evidence of such service are serviced office Sydney or serviced offices Sydney.

With Internet penetration has become more measurable in the middle and highest growth in history. Currently there are many companies that live off advertising on the Internet. In addition, there are many values that offers interactive advertising for both the user and advertisers.

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