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Innovative Marketing Ideas

Putting up a business is one thing but getting it noticed and start earning profits is a matter of marketing. Marketing is not just about selling products. This has a misconception for a long time. Selling products is a small fraction of marketing. When it comes to marketing it has never been simple, many organizations spend a lot of money on marketing but unfortunately it does not yield much. As an entrepreneur, it is time to start thinking of new ways of promoting your business. All you have to do is put up a strong marketing team that is well versed with the current market trends. Here are the current innovative ideas on marketing discussed.

Use social media networks to reach potential clients

Every business by now must have an online presence such as a Facebook page, LinkedIn and a Twitter account. Many online users use social sites such as Facebook for just socializing, not knowing that this is a great opportunity to find clients for their businesses. Through any social media site, you interact with thousands of people even millions, start by posting the name and website of the business. People will ask about the business. Provide the answers promptly and be sincere. Soon clients will start asking how they can get in touch with the business providers and enjoy the services and products offered by the business.

This type of advertising does not involve paying any amount of money. All social media sites are free to join and easy to use.

Create a business website and blog

It is common for the CEO to call up someone with some experience in site building and assign them the job of developing a site. No, this is wrong. Find a professional web designer if you want the business site to be noticed and bring in more clients. The site needs to be easy to use and more interactive. Make the client feel like that they can stay on the site long enough to know about the services that you offer.

This is the same when it comes to a company blog. Publish relevant information about the company and be consistent. Let the clients understand that at least each day they can find a new content added to the blog. In addition, share the blog using links to social media networks. Links are get ways to make you noticeable quickly and attract customers.

Try out email marketing

Email marketing has been around for some time now but its usage has not been optimized. Many people do not like someone sending emails every now and then about a particular product. Most of the time clients might get offended and mark them as spam so further email marketing will not be effective. Start by slowly creating a mailing list of your own rather than buying from someone. Use the existing mailing list to get more clients.

When using email marketing try and stay to the point. Most of the time probably the client does not have a lot time to read through the whole email to see the important parts, instead use links that direct the client to your website. Finally make sure that you urge the client to forward the email to their friends if they feel like the services offered are worth sharing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) method

This is the new way and the best trick of getting noticed online. With SEO, it is like putting yourself in the mind of a client and think what you would type in a search engine to find a particular business. Clients use a certain type of keywords to find what they want. Using the Google keyword tool makes it easy to find what is mostly searched on the internet. The next step will be to include the keywords in your website content so that when a client makes a search using the keywords, your business site is among the results.

Do not overuse the keywords; make them appear natural in the text. This way you are able to deliver the intended message to the client not just stuffing keywords to get noticed.

The above methods so far have worked for various small businesses who have decided to move away from the traditional methods of doing marketing.

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