19 September 2015 Comments Off on How to prepare clips from a DVD to upload to YouTube

How to prepare clips from a DVD to upload to YouTube

Preparing clips from a DVD to upload to YouTube is really just a matter of downloading and installing the proper software, setting it up correctly, and learning how to use it. There really is no complicated set of instructions or exact program that must be used to accomplish this — any DVD to AVI software will do the job.

The main goal when extracting something from a DVD in order to place on YouTube is to get the clip or file into the AVI (audio video interleaved) format. This can be accomplished by using any one of the myriad of programs available that are designed to do exactly this.

The AVI file should be in 320×240 resolution as this is the format that YouTube will generally perform best with. Most programs will ask you which codec you would like to use when converting your file, and you will probably find that the XVID format works best when it comes to YouTube videos. This format generally provides a consistently high quality AVI file. Other settings within DVD to AVI programs may include such things as video frame rate and bitrate as well as audio options. Most of the video options can be left at their default settings with most programs, though it may be a good idea to check the program documentation to be sure. Audio should be recorded in MP3 format at a bitrate of at least 128kbps as anything lower will be of very poor quality. 128kbps is about the same sound quality as modern FM radio. Higher audio bitrate will result in better quality audio, but will also increase the file size.

The completed file, in order to be uploaded to YouTube, must be less than 10 minutes long and no larger than 100MB. After the file is created, simply go to YouTube.com, click “upload videos”, fill out as much information as you can, then browse to the file on your hard drive and click the “upload video” button.


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