4 April 2016 Comments Off on Future of Webdesign

Future of Webdesign

When web sites were first designed, all one needed to do was arrange text for display on a screen. In is present form, however, web design is not that simple. Even back in the Internet’s early days, web sites quickly evolved to be more than just HTML. High resolution screens and ever-increasing amounts bandwidth allowed for richer images and web site interaction and navigation.

So what does the future of web design hold? Web design will shift from anticipating advances in technology. The future of web design will instead focus on the promotion of a near universal level of accessibility. Web standards accessibility has become the Holy Grail of both the web site designers and the developers making web design software. This shift in attitude has been bolstered by an increase in demand for equal accessibility for all people, including people with impairments, such as the visually impaired. The focus of the future of web design will be access all of what the Internet has to offer.

This accessibility trend seeks to standardize the experience across the rapidly diversifying ways in which people access the Internet. From Firefox to Chrome, to the many screen readers like VoiceOver and Gnopernicus, the future wed design is rapidly approaching. The real challenge is how web designers, as well as the web design industry as whole.will rise to the occasion.




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