26 September 2011 Comments Off on Find, Promote and Rank Superstars of the Web

Find, Promote and Rank Superstars of the Web

The Internet has done something that few people ever imagined that it would. It has made many people famous solely due to their presence on the web. They are usually ordinary people who develop thousands of online followers on their blogs, YouTube channels and social media pages. These stars gained their popularity because of their Internet genius. You may have a particular star you might want to know more about. You can do so with ease on Superstars of the Web.

This awesome webpage lists all the famous web stars who have achieved something great. Each star has a personal profile page. They are ranked according to their public and achievement scores. Public scores are determined by Facebook likes, Twitter comments, re-tweets and comments on the stars’ profile pages. Achievement scores are based on their accomplishments and number of articles, posts and websites.

http://superstarsoftheweb.com – web influential people blog, will also give you more information about these Internet stars and the Internet culture in general through unique articles and blog posts. The purpose of this site is to create a place where web geniuses can be recognized for their talents and contributions. Even those who rarely see the limelight, such as developers, have a chance to become known for their work. The success of this system has been shown on our sister blog, Superstars of Science.

If you see someone who should be on this site, you can nominate them and then help promote their popularity. Adding comments to their profile page, liking them on Facebook and tweeting about them will improve their ranking and make them better known.

The World Wide Web has an astounding influence on the world today. It is only right that those who have worked hard to make it possible should be honored and recognized.

Digg deaper into this with the following articles: http://trec.nist.gov/pubs/trec8/papers/web_overview.pdf

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