17 July 2012 Comments Off on Email Marketing Research: What New Results Reveal

Email Marketing Research: What New Results Reveal

Email marketing plays an important role in modern commerce and sales. Since most people have access to an Internet connection, it’s possible to reach a large portion of the United Kingdom through social media and email marketing. While email marketing can be a great strategy, it’s essential to understand how shifting consumer perception can impact the viability of this business model.

Many businesses use personalized emails to reach potential customers. While including a customer’s name in a marketing email may help to create a bond between a company and a consumer, it can also damage this relationship. Many people consider customized marketing messages to be an invasion of their privacy. Since an individual may not know how a company was able to get hold of his or her name, he or she may feel that the company is exploiting personal information for marketing purposes.

Companies that use manipulative marketing practices are not viewed in a positive light by consumers. Instead of using personalized marketing emails to reach potential customers, it’s a good idea to use generic headers for all emails. This can help ensure a professional and friendly demeanor for an email. In addition, it’s a good idea to make sure that marketing emails are created to directly address a consumer’s particular needs.

For example, a business can customize an email that it sends to a potential customer. Instead of making it obvious that a message has been customized, it’s a good idea to be subtle. This can include the use of generic headers and greetings. However, the message itself can be customized to meet the needs of a consumer.

Email marketing has evolved in several exciting ways over the past few decades. By combining different email marketing techniques, it’s possible to boost sales and significantly improve consumer brand perception.

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