27 April 2011 Comments Off on Custom Flash Drives: Marketing Instrument

Custom Flash Drives: Marketing Instrument

Custom Flash DrivesCorporate gifts and giveaway items are often looked at as trivial and are not always memorable. This is unfortunate for businesses as the whole goal of a corporate gift is to keep the company name memorable for the person. One such item that is useful and memorable would be a corporate usb drive.

A gift that is useful is one that will be utilized more often and will not find its way to the back of a desk drawer. In the business world, usb drives are handy to have and are quite useful. Having a custom flash drives with the company logo or name is a wonderful way to advertise.

In presenting these usb drives, it is always best to include some marketing materials on the drive itself. This way, the client will have access to information about the company and there is a good chance that they will review the information that is saved on the drive.

The price of usb drives has come down in the past few years. Because of this, it is always best to get ones that have at least 1 GB of memory. Anything with less memory will not be that useful for the client.

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