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Conferences uniting common interest

SAP begun its operation way back the early years as it is organized by some of the IBM employees, it is known to be the largest software inter-enterprise independent supplier of software. Originally the SAP idea is to provide the clients with the capability to interact with the community with the interest that they have in mind.
As the company aims to gather all the common interest of the community and narrow it down according to classification. It will also allow comparing the right establishment who will be in concerned of the issue in which will help answer the community need. The creation of SAP Conferences creates major changes on how the community responds to the problem and with the shared knowledge by the community solving a certain issue.

Considering the fact that it is a created community with the narrowed interest, challenges, pursuits and experiences, as an organization that existed 20 years it has already the ability to facilitate the insights what the members have on their mind. The existence of online conferences with SAP has been helping the community and even companies to look for the possible answer and solutions to the problems. It allows the community a chance to explore with the new ideas to solve its problem.
With the ability of the community to share insights and look for possible solutions to the problems based from knowledge and personal experience from the volunteer members, perfect moderation will enable it to a good result in which with the proper guidance and feedbacks with the community. The member’s dedication to uplift the organizational service and assistance it offers in the community, from the simple conversations started from SAP Conferences up to the most complicated part of gathering the best solution for the problems encountered by the group members that needs guidance and answer. Problems will be solve as long as the community volunteers are willing to express their help.

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