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Blu Ray vs DVD

There has been an ongoing shift with regards to DVDs, as many people have been shifting towards other storage media that have bigger storage capacities. This transition was occasioned by the fact people are storing more information nowadays, and the new storage devices hitting the market are quite small in size, but have huge storage capacities. However, the introduction of Blu Ray discs has made many people to continue using compact discs for storage. The difference between Blu Ray and DVDs usually confuses many people; this article will explore these differences, and by the end of it you will have a clear choice.

Storage capacity

Storage capacity is the main distinguishing feature between Blu Ray discs and DVDs. DVDs came before Blu Ray discs, and they usually have a capacity of between 4GB and 8GB. Back then when they hit the market, this storage capacity was impressive, and it was a big improvement from the previous generation CDs, which only had a capacity of 700MB. This is why many people snapped up DVDs, quite fast. But then, with storage devices becoming smaller and having greater capacity, DVDs proved to be inadequate for storage. However, Blu Ray discs have a great storage capacity, of up to 50GB. This is quite impressive in that you can store plenty of data in this disc.

Support for advanced features

Support for advanced audio and visual features is available in Blu Ray discs; most of these features are not available on DVDs. One useful feature that is found in the Blu Ray disc is chapter navigation. This is a menu feature that makes it possible to navigate through the content in your Blu Ray disc while you are still watching a video. This also enables you to skip around the video to a different section quite easily.

Better image quality

Because compact discs are mostly used for storing videos, it is very important that the videos stored retain a great quality. This can be quite a challenge when storing images of high resolution. You can compress a video to fit into a DVD, but then you will end up compromising the quality of the video, as the images will lose their quality. DVDs have a maximum resolution of 720 x 480px, and this is quite low saving a high quality video will mean that the images of the video will have less details than the original version. However, the Blu Ray disc has a very high resolution, with the maximum being 1920 x 1080px. This is quite high quality resolution, and Blu Ray has great compression technology that ensures that high-resolution videos do not lose their quality.

Audio Quality

The audio quality of a video in a disc is very important. Blu Ray discs support very high-resolution sound formats, such as Dolby TrueHD. This is very important because most music and audio files are being compressed in these high-resolution formats. Thus, using a DVD will diminish the quality of the audio files and some of the high-resolution formats are not even supported. Therefore, it is apparent that the Blu Ray disc is far much better and more useful than the DVD.


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