5 November 2012 Comments Off on Benefits of online marketing in the travel industry

Benefits of online marketing in the travel industry

Tourism is one of the largest and fastest growing industries with travel being one of its largest and most crucial sectors. In essence, without the rapid growth of the travel industry, tourism would not have become the world’s most active industry. On the other hand, technology, specifically online marketing is the key to success.
If you are looking to start up a travel agency, it is important that you are successful with your branding and marketing online and by word of mouth. Since the travel industry is competitive, it is important to have a catchy logo and something memorable. As a matter of fact, the travel industry is one of the earliest that went online.

The nature of the industry was ideally suitable to go on the web. Since travel has few geographical boundaries, the usefulness of e-tickets, checking-in online, the ability to book hotels on the web, contact tourist organizations online, etc have been possible due to the growth of online marketing.

Impact of online marketing is long lasting as compared to other marketing programs. If a business uses SEO services using appropriate keywords then it will be in top page in search engines for several months or longer. Online marketing can go viral through article, email, video, audio, etc marketing campaigns on the web, allowing people to read or find the information from videos, articles for a long period of time. Some examples of marketing videos that have gone viral include that for IKEA.

Online marketing offers almost immediate access to potential customers by spreading the word about a product, service, or a new company. It gives the advertiser or business owners to reach a large number of targeted customers, or people in general, covering large geographical regions, or the world. Online marketing is cost-effective because there are no logistics expenses, rents for office spaces, salaries and/or commissions for sales teams, etc involved in it. Online marketing can drive a lot of traffic to travel web sites, convert users almost instantly.

Online marketing is replacing, or competing with traditional business marketing nowadays in almost all business sectors. Still in this age of high-tech, many business owners or companies do their business by direct marketing, business directories, yellow pages, radio advertisements, etc. Satellite based multi-channels TV is a very popular and one of the best medium for business promotion. Yet, nowadays online marketing has become one of most important tools for business promotions, especially in hotel industry, travel industry, Insurance industry, etc.

Choosing the right keyword can be tricky when running online marketing to get desired results from search engines. Tourist operators, hotels, travel agencies, airlines, etc businesses or companies need to post engaging content that will keep their visitor reading and convert them into sales. If you are targeting prospective customers from all over the globe, then make sure you set up ads targeting the language of your targeted people. For example, you can choose the language of ads or even your content to be translated into the one that they speak.

Internet marketing has several benefits over traditional business marketing. In Internet marketing you can target your customer from local area to the all over the world. You can reach the million of the customer through internet marketing. In internet marketing all over the globe is your market place. So more will be market coverage and more will be chances of getting new customer for your business.

Internet marketing is more cost effective as compared to other existing marketing campaigns. Even you can use Internet marketing for your business without spending any money by writing the articles about your business, social media marketing, etc. Because of all this, it is regarded as the cheapest medium for business promotion. One of the benefits of the internet marketing is customer tracking. You can track the customer very easily, you can know about their buying behaviors and other stats on your site.

The pace of technology is changing so fast that people are also becoming more tech savvy. More and more people are turning to the Internet looking for information, products, and services every day. Information is a great service people are constantly looking for to enable them to take a decision on travelling, travel plans, and other related information. When a business goes online it can reach market segments on a global scale. Thus, online marketing helps you in expanding your business worldwide.

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