4 April 2016 Comments Off on Advanced Multimedia Solutions

Advanced Multimedia Solutions

Since the advent of digital electronics, modern man has fully utilized the entertainment aspect of technology. Gone are the days when people would simply settle for a simple 14 inch TV or loud stereo. Nowadays, advanced multimedia solutions have created buzz among videophiles, audiophiles, and just about anyone who wants to experience sheer pleasure. Here’s a good classification of such solutions that can match your needs:

1. Media Rooms – Transform a family room into a home theater by adding surround speakers that captures the faintest sound of falling rain or a roaring motorcycle. Typically, a wide screen Plasma TV is complemented by high-quality speakers that are strategically placed for acoustic precision. Operate your audio video components using hidden Infrared remote controls enhanced by emitters. No need to physically transfer to another room just to run devices such as DVD or Blu-ray player.

2. Lighting Controls – Lighting effects can produce dramatic effects that enhance the beauty of your home. An ideal setup is programmed lighting controls that allows ease of use and energy efficiency. You can easily switch the controls to complement the theme of your dinner parties or romantic interlude.

3.Networked media servers – Homes typically contain at least five different electronic equipments related to computing or communications. All the PCs, notebooks, and Ipad can be seamlessly integrated into a server for streamlined operations. You can share and store files to media servers so anyone can access media files from any room at home.

4.Home Automation – Since modern lifestyle is busy, this advanced multimedia solutions affords users the ease of controlling their home appliances, security, and even temperature. Samples of which are thermostat and HVAC controls that help save energy. Safety is a main element in home automation because you can use doorlocks using electronic touchpad. Likewise, you can remotely monitor your property while on vacation through IP enabled home surveillance system.

Indeed, these solutions make life safe, special, and super efficient.


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