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A Brief History of Film

Audiences around the world enjoyed plays, dances, and other theatrical events for thousands of years before the end of the 19th century brought about the invention of modern film. Photography had been mystifying countless people world wide for nearly a century when the first moving pictures available to a large audience were introduced in the late 1870s and nowadays people took pictures with latest, Canon 5D camera. The historic image of a horse galloping in a circular, rotating, record-style format, known as a Zoopraxiscope, was one of the earliest ways of showing a moving image to an audience.

During the 1880s there were many patents filed for various types of celluloid film, fast firing cameras, and other inventions that were to later contribute to the motion picture movement. By the turn of the 20th century numerous films had been filmed and many more were being planned and filmed. Throughout the first decade of the new century many companies and entrepreneurs would come and go but some would establish themselves as leaders such as Warner Bros who began business in the film exhibition market in 1903. New techniques were introduced during this time period such as panning on a scene with the camera, as well and several types of film styles such as the documentary and the filming of the presidential inaugurations. Feature films were introduced during this monumental time period and adding audio tracks to the film was experimented with, as well.

In the late 1920s the film industry saw another monumental advancement with the addition of sound to the film. Within just a few years after the introduction of talking pictures to the film industry, nearly all films were made up of actors talking and singing on film rather than an accompanist playing along with the film showing. The following decades, until the 1950s, saw the rise and fall of the supposed “Golden Age” of film. This time period was marked by glamorous movie stars and adorable child actors that helped keep American minds off the economic slump and war of the time. During the second world war and the time immediately following, there were more advances such as the introduction of the animated film, propaganda, and war-based films.

The later decades of the 20th century show the film industry mirroring the pace of current events. The 1950s saw the release of many films dealing with alien invasions and anti-communism topics as the world saw the rise of the Cold War. Civil Rights struggles for women, blacks, and homosexuals were documented in the following decades and the golden aura that surrounded Hollywood now faded as more and more films were shot on locations around the world. The last two decades of the 20th century saw a boom in sales from both the box office and from home viewers who were now able to access film via video tapes and DVDs, rented or purchased. The onset of the internet generation saw a huge increase in the amount of sales and views and the as the 21st century has dawned, movie directors and actors are gearing up for more advancements and ingenuities of the coming decades.


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