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Event Promotion Techniques

Organizing a promotional event is a great way to market a product or service or draw attention to a charitable organization. Everybody likes to win, so contests and drawings can attract many people to an event. The product or service being marketed can be the prize, or if a charitable organization is being promoted, local businesses can be solicited to donate prizes.

Successful events can be promoted on a shoestring budget. Send out press releases and let the local media do the marketing for you. Visiting local message boards and posting information about your event is a targeted, effective way to get the word out that something exciting is happening. The one area where it is not a good idea to compromise is on ticket printing. Nothing will attract more people to an event than a professional looking ticket that gives potential attendees the sense they hold something valuable and important. Be sure to contact a company that specializes in event ticket printing to print the tickets. An unprofessional looking ticket will give the impression that the event is not worth attending. The best strategy is to put a description of the prize on the ticket and indicate the only chance to win the prize is to possess this ticket. If the budget does not allow for mass-mailing of tickets, state in the press releases and internet postings that tickets can be obtained by calling a number and leaving an address of where the tickets should be mailed and how many. This approach will also give you a good idea of how many people to expect at the event. Make sure the tickets include a space for the ticket holder to fill out their name. For a contest promotion, tickets should be taken at the door to be sure nobody is stuffing the drum.

If the purpose of the event is to raise revenue, the promotion can be organized as raffle. In addition to the admission ticket, specific raffle tickets can be available for purchase at the event. If there are multiple prizes, several different ticket styles may be required.

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