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6 Creative Link Building Ideas That Work

The most recent updates to Google’s search engine algorithm has made creative link building an essential SEO strategy. Although the quality of your content is still a critical factor in attracting high web traffic, to get a better search engine ranking, you must reach out for inbound links.

Links are very important because Google sees them as a measure of approval from the online community. And thus, the quality of links to your site is used to determine your page rank. Therefore you need to actively and creatively build high quality links from trusted websites.

There are several well known ways of building links such as article syndication, guest blogging and social bookmarking. But many of these methods have become overused and ineffective. So this article presents some creative and highly effective link building strategies that will help you to boost your search engine ranking.

Create News Oriented Blog Posts

Fresh content attracts Google. And people like to be abreast of the latest news. Therefore one of the best strategies for effective link building is to provide blog posts that have the latest news about your area of specialization. If your site becomes well known, as a source of ‘breaking news,’ on a particular subject, you will definitely have several other sites that will link to your blog posts.

Carry Out Original Surveys and Research

Create a simple survey that can give people valuable information in your field. Then write an insightful post about your findings in your blog. In addition, you should also provide some of your discoveries on a guest blog. Within a short time, you will discover that several other bloggers are linking to your content.

Refer to Industry Leaders in Your Blog Posts

Endeavor to include quotes from the experts and industry leaders in your field. This will boost their self esteem. Subsequently, you will attract their interest. Several of these experts usually track their names and their brands using Google Alerts. They will be glad to know who is helping to promote their brand and reward you with backlinks.

Provide Visual Data

Most people prefer pictures to words. So if you create a valuable infographic and post it on your page in Pinterest and similar sites, you will attract a lot of good quality links back to your site.

Write on a Controversial Issue

To further attract links to your site, you can select a topical issue and create a controversial blog post on it. This method works because controversy naturally draws attention. However, you should also try to embed valuable and helpful tips inside the article.

Get Interviewed By a Leading Site

An interview by a high ranking website in your field will definitely help you to get good quality links to your website. Getting interviewed does not have to be a very tedious task. If you have been kind enough to include links to their website in your blog posts, they should be favorably disposed to your request for an interview. As soon as the interview goes live on their site, a couple of links will be placed on the transcription of the interview. These links will bring readers to your site and boost your search engine ranking.

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